Miami Beach, FL

Appliances often may stop working without prior warning and not unless you are a technician, you might not know what is wrong with it. This is why there are many appliance repair shops that have come up nowadays to take care of your repair and maintenance needs. However, it is important that you ensure to look for an expert in repairing appliances, especially for very delicate and expensive appliances that could easily be completely damaged by unqualified technicians. You also need to be sure that you can trust the technician to do the right thing and not tamper with anything else on your appliance so that it will not develop any other complication.
Refrigerators and dryers are delicate appliances that need a qualified technician to work on, if you want them in working condition after the repairs. This means that you need to look for a technician who specializes in repairing dryers and a refrigerator. This way, you are sure you are dealing with an expert. All Dade Appliance Service and Refrigeration Equipment is one such service provider offering quality services in Miami Beach, FL. All you need to do is to give us a call and we provide pick up and drop off services as well to our repair shop.
You can hardly go wrong with the right technician. We know where to get almost any part of an appliance and also ensure the replacement of the part is done properly. We take time to ensure that your appliances will be in good shape once we are done with the repairs. You can trust in our services to detect the problem, offer the appropriate solution and ensure that the problem does not reappear again. Your refrigerator will find a quality part for replacement from its manufacturer that will ensure that it works almost as if it is new.